Friday, February 24, 2012

Addicted to Pinterest? Me too, lets be friends!

Ya know, I am addicted to . They say admitting it is the first step...but I am not looking for a 12-step program to kick this habit, I may be addicted but so far I am still functioning in society, the time to be worried will be when I am locked inside the house pinning (only leaving to buy supplies to create more things i pinned.)

So why is it we are so addicted to ? and its not just a girl thing either, i have some male friends who pin just as much as I  Well after some research I found that there is a science behind the addiction. After reading the following article I felt much better about my addiction. One reason it is so great because it makes us feel good, who doesn't want that? Hopefully its not the feel good cause i have been smoking peyote all night but just the all around healty feel good. Its good to get excited about things, like cookies or Ryan Gosling posters :) and then to share the things we are passionate about and see that other people are passionate about the same things its bonding and SUPER RAD! And it also fills our small need to be ! No one can complain about the pins we are hoarding because they are not getting in anyone's way(unless you are neglecting making dinner for the kids because you are pinning, you might need a 12 step program :) ) , no dead cats will be found one day amongst the pins we have pinned! its all kept nicely on a the Internet. So ladies...and gentlemen, GO GET YOUR ON, and feel good about it! Plan your wedding, a surprise party, find tips to reach your goals and be inspired by quotes, like it, pin it and nail it!
-pinning sister #3 brittany

check out this article!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

French Onion Burger of Wonder and Garlic Cilantro Oven Fries.

So the first "pinning" party.. SUCCESS! we all gathered on a rainy tuesday night (tonight).  Sitting around Kristi's kitchen counter with all of our "pinterest" pages open... we began to scroll.  pasta? no... casserole? no... oh but wait!!!! a few things that caught our eye.  We gathered ingredients from kristi's, trisha's, mom's, and trusty Smiths Marketplace.  Everyone took a job, onions caramelizing, burgers grilling, oven fries tossing.  
We even SET THE TABLE... I know right? even Matt joined in on the fun (kristi's husband).  We did an amazing job if I do say so myself.. yes we NAILED IT!!!!
-the youngest pinster.. AUBRI

just GRILLIN in the rain.

here are the pictures from pinterest...  :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


We are 4 crazy sisters who love to pin! We have 2 fabulous parents and one super rad brother. Many of our conversations these days are beginning with "guess what I saw on Pinterest!" Do we need to be concerned that we are addicted? We didn't think so either. So as a few of the sisters were talking this idea was born! Once or twice a month we will get together and have a pinning party! This idea hits 2 great things; (1) we will get to hang out with each other which we wish we could do everyday, (2) we will start experimenting with the things we are pinning! We, like many of you pinners, have boards full of things just waiting to be put into action. So here we are, you can follow our posts as we try to nail many of our pins!